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As an employee, you are protected by many local, state, and federal laws that cover every aspect of your employment. When your rights under these laws are violated, you have legal recourse against your employer. At T. A. Blackburn Law, PLLC, we are passionate advocates who stand up for employees across all industries, professions, and at every level. We understand that you may feel reluctant, anxious, or overwhelmed by the prospect of standing up to an employer that has engaged in some type of misconduct or violation. Our firm is here to help you navigate the process, to ensure you understand your rights under the law, and to make your voice heard through strong and diligent case preparation and representation in any legal proceeding.

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What Is Employment Law?

Employment law is a body of laws that establishes the rights and responsibilities pertaining to the employer-employee relationship. Employment law is also referred to as labor law. Employers are required to adhere to these laws and to fulfill their obligations or they can be found to be violation through civil action.

These laws are designed to ensure the safety of the work environment and that employees and job applicants are treated with fairness. They also cover employers’ interests as well.

When Should You Talk to an Employment Lawyer?

The best time to seek legal advice from an employment lawyer is as soon as you expect something is wrong after your rights have been violated. For example, if your employer doesn’t offer a solution to your violated rights, then you need to contact an employment lawyer.

What does an Employment Law Attorney do?

A skilled employment lawyer can help with navigate regulations and rules pertaining to:

  • Discrimination based on race, color, national origin, disability, gender, and more as outlined under the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  • Sexual harassment that involves unwanted sexual actions and messages in the workplace and hostile work environments. Working in a hostile environment can hinder your ability to perform your job and can make it difficult to be productive. If you have been subjected to or witnessed racial discrimination, inappropriate behavior, sexual harassment, off-color suggestions or jokes, these events constitute a hostile work environment.
  • Wrongful or unlawful termination based on violation of an employment contract/agreement, or violation of a state or federal law, such as firing someone due to pregnancy, childbirth, race, or any other protected characteristic or for whistleblowing activities.
  • Family and Medical Leave. Employees are allowed leave under certain circumstances, such as when affected by serious injury or illness or after the birth or adoption of a child. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, you are allowed to handle these life matters without having to worry that you may lose your job. Regrettably, many employers fail to respect this law.
  • Compensation and pay discrimination. You have a right to rightful compensation under various laws and a right to equal pay. For example, if a coworker of the opposite sex is being paid more than you, even though you both are doing the same job, then you may be a victim of pay discrimination. If that employee’s compensation package is considerably better than yours, then you may be a victim of pay discrimination.
  • Retaliation. It is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for engaging in protected activity. This includes suffering retaliation as a result of complaining about conditions at work or for alerting authorities to unethical or illegal activity on the part of your employer.
  • Wages and hours including wage theft claims. Wage and hour laws cover such issues as minimum wage, overtime pay, unlawful deductions, and more.

We Also Handle Disputes for Employers

For individuals at an executive or management position, our firm can also provide representation to help you negotiate or resolve disputes regarding executive compensation. For employers, to avoid unnecessary lawsuits, it is in your best interests to understand employee misconduct laws and practices. Such knowledge will assist you when investigating and resolving employee misconduct claims should they arise. Should these incidents lead to litigation, your investigative methods and familiarity will enable you to handle the lawsuit in a successful manner.

Additionally, our firm can assist in the drafting, review, negotiation, or dispute resolution of noncompete and confidentiality agreements as well as the drafting or review of employee handbooks, policies, and procedures to promote a healthy, safe, and respectful work environment.

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Our Experienced New York Employment Lawyer Can Help

If you believe you have been treated unfairly in the workplace or have been subject to a violation of your employee rights, we advise you to seek legal help from our firm. We provide competent, caring, and diligent legal representation in all aspects of employment law. You may be eligible for damages, such as back pay, out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering, and more, depending on the circumstances. We will do everything legally possible to help you obtain the justice you deserve.

Let us hear from you about your case. Talk to our New York employment law attorney at (347) 427-5999 today.

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